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Name:mιhηeα ceℓ rău; son of drαcuℓα
Website:kink list.

Mihnea cel Rău | evil one

Son of Vlad III Drăculea & his first wife (or mistress), Mihnea was a member of the House of Drăculești & a one time prince of Wallachia, from 1508 to 1509. He replaced his first cousin, Radu cel Mare, on the throne, & in 1509, ruled beside his son, Mircea III Dracul. He was unpopular with the boyars & was said to have been unnecessarily cruel, taking after his father who earned the nickname Țepeș (Impaler) after his death. Stories, whether true or false, tell that Mihnea worked the greater boyars to exhaustion, took their property, slept with their wives, and even cut off limbs and facial features, as well as killing them off in other gruesome fashions. With Ottoman assistance he was eventually kicked off the throne and fled to Sibiu, Transylvania, where he was assassinated. He was survived by his wife, Voica, his sons, Mircea & Miloș, & his daughter, Ruxandra.

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